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We launched our company in 2018 with one goal: to create an innovative, high-quality product in the firearm accessories industry that people can rely on. We accomplished this goal with our well-known product, the QuickDraw. Throughout 2019, this revolutionary product expanded globally and created a passionate community of customers that has provided unbelievable feedback and support throughout the early stages of our business. The passion of our community inspired a new mission: create the largest and most innovative premium firearm accessory brand in the world, setting the standard by which all firearm products are built. This new mission has sparked our desire to evolve and create a new brand that we feel fits the mold.

With our direct to consumer model, we cut out the middleman, leverage social media, and utilize our global distribution network to provide innovative and high quality products at affordable prices worldwide. With years of product development, content creation, and user feedback, we are evolving not only our product line, but our brand as well. We are now VULCAN!

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