lucas oil extreme duty gun oil

$8.00 USD


Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil is designed for firearms that experience high volume, full auto and suppressed fire — including semi-auto rifles, shotguns, hunting rifles, muzzle loaders, and pistols. It provides unmatched, burnoff-resistant protection unlike any other multi-purpose gun oil. Polymeric film protects metal parts from rust, wear and moisture during all shooting conditions. It also resists carbon, lead and copper fouling. It neutralizes acids caused by contact from human hands and resists drying during long periods of storage. Provides maximum heat resistance and is great for lubrication on all high heat high use firearms and NFA items. Provides protection from -38°F to 400°F. This product is a must for tactical shooters.

Applying Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil to bores, bolt carriers and gas pistons makes clean-up of powder residue, copper and carbon fouling a much easier task. Apply a light coat to suppressor baffles and mounts to resist carbon build up and to make cleaning quicker and easier.