Holosun red dot/ 3x magnifier combo

$400.00 USD


the Holosun HS403C red dot, combined with the Holosun HM3X, 3X magnifier makes for the perfect combination. the HS403C is a revolutionary red dot optic. The optic operates on a standard CR2032 button battery. however, it also incorporates a solar cell collection so that you can still operate the optic when the battery fails, or dies. in other words your red dot will always be in an operational state. as long as there is adequate illumination available. The HS403C  is a fantastic red dot sight on its own. but when you add the HM3X you now have the ability to view targets 3 times further downrange than just with the HS403C. This is a combo that you cannot beat. certainly not at this price point.


Holosun HS403C

Holosun HM3X

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